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So I just realized that I've never actually done a Journal entry before and I thought that it might be about time. ^_^

I guess the main thing that I wanted to address with this is the questions that I've been getting about my work for my Destiny of Time Roleplay. If you look at my gallery it's full of things, mostly Posters, for my Destiny of Time rp and a lot of people wanted to know what exactly that was.

Well.... on I'm a part of a group of friends involved in a Star Wars related roleplay. We make myspace profiles and use the comments and blog applications to do a written Roleplay in the SW universe, which we've named "Destiny of Time".

Along with roleplaying my group and I do a lot of extra things like the Posters you can see in my Gallary and things like Video edits that we've hosted on youtube. Basically it's just a lot of fun.

If anyone wants to know more you can visit any of my Character profiles. ^_^

Syal Vos Beck -…
Aniri Veila -…;
Tahiri Veila -…;

I Might also be playing Naomi Dreiz, Cassie Veila, Missy Dagar, and Angelique Veila but they're profiles aren't active yet.

Anyhow hope that clears somethings up!

<3 Cav
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